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Reporting capabilities

Work hour tracker is one of the best apps for time management and reporting. Whether you need a record of a specific employee or a big-picture view of your company performance, using time manager app like Timepot makes it easy to filter collected data and generate your report to CSV of PDF files.

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How to filter the exact work hours data you need

The best time tracker apps come with a reporting module which allows us to see the total hours for each task and project. Work hours data can be filtered by project, task name, user or by a certain time frame. Filtering a specific user and choosing a right time frame will enable you to pay salaries based on the work time logged by your employee. Use this feature also to charge your clients accordingly and check which tasks are most time-consuming.

How to control your income and costs
with comprehensive profitability reports

Our employee time tracking app allows you to configure time & material and fixed-price project rates as well as hourly wages and monthly salaries of your team members. Once you do this, you'll unlock the power of our financial reports. We provide you the balance, income and expense charts that you can filter to see exactly the data that you need.​

Timepot reports

How to easily measure your project overall performance

With so much data gathered in the work time app, manager can use the reports to identify trends and areas of improvement. The system allows you to measure project overhead knowing precisely the amount of time spent on meetings, calls and planning. Timepot reports show whether additional hours spent on the project translate into its development.

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