Timepot features

Time tracking

  • automatic time tracking just start/stop a timer when you start / finish a task
  • manual time entry enter manually the duration of a task directly in the weekly view
  • smart reminders send reminders when someone logs less hours than they usually do
  • multiple time entry formats log your time using keyboard only
  • powerful search as you type

Project management

  • organize projects in groups / clients organize your projects in a clear structure
  • project colors assign colors to projects for better visual feedback
  • unlimited projects add as many projects as you need, you don’t pay for it
  • archiving projects Use archived completed projects for reference or analysis

User management

  • organize users into teams create your organization/project structure
  • user list filtering and search filter users by your teams/a specific team
  • assign users to projects define which team should have access to which projects
  • 3 user roles admin, manager, regular user
  • unlimited number of users add as many users as you need. We’ll charge you on a monthly basis, for active users only
  • preview and edit team members data as an admin or manager, preview and edit hours logged by any user
  • deactivate users deactivate users that are not active anymore
  • reactivate users reactivate users as and when they start work
  • Timepot sealing prevent past activities from being edited
  • Log in with google, microsoft or email/password multiple ways of creating an account - use the one most suitable for your organization


  • powerful filtering filter data by users, teams, projects, dates and even freetext queries
  • multiple types of aggregations see your data aggregated by day/month/quarter, by user or by task or by project
  • exporting PDF, CSV
  • sharable reports share specific reports with people without Timepot account
  • clear & useful diagrams choose bar or pie style diagrams to show your data trends


  • hourly and monthly project rates define your hourly rate or monthly income for a project
  • customized rates if you charge different rates for different users, you can define this in Timepot as well
  • fixed-price projects define fixed-price project cost and expected workload
  • multi-currency support choose a currency, in which you charge your clients
  • automatic currency conversions in financial reports, we’ll automatically convert all data to the currency of your choice
  • hourly and monthly user salaries we support hourly and monthly user salaries. You can specify salary currency as well
  • possibility to change rates over time if you change your project rate or salary over the time, you can reflect this in Timepot. We’ll keep the history and take it into account in the financial insights
  • profitability reports highly configurable reports - filter your data by users, projects, dates and generate monthly/quarterly balance and project income/expense charts

Days off management

  • vacation Users can add/view their vacation dates
  • sick leave Categorize off days with sick leave feature
  • team off days Plan your tasks ahead in time by viewing off days of entire team
  • day off notifications We can send notifications to admins or managers whenever someone reports a day off
  • yearly, monthly and weekly view Filter and view off days as per your needs

Add ons

  • Timepot chrome extension Track time in Jira, Trello, Youtrack, Gmail, Google docs, slides and sheets


  • customer Support Use the in app feedback to get in touch. We are there to help you out
  • priority support For large firms new features can be added/customized on request
  • import data Start using Timepot by importing historical data from other time tracking apps

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