Timepot Nozbe

Timepot is now integrated with Nozbe!

Users of Nozbe and Timepot will get the best value & unlimited benefits when it comes to managing time and productivity.

Nozbe has been helping professionals and organizations to get more done for the last 10 years. Their intuitive app is easy to make you a productivity ninja. In Nozbe you can create, manage and prioritize tasks within projects and get them done quickly and effectively. Timepot has integrated with Nozbe to help users track time for tasks and projects that they execute and also provide insights into how must time they spend and help them improve productivity levels.

To celebrate the integration Nozbe prepared a special offer for Timepot users. Till the end of August, you can get 2 months for free with Nozbe annual payment. All you need to do is to use this link to pay for your Nozbe account.

Thanks to the integration, Nozbe users can also use Timepot’s powerful reporting feature to track data in real-time on income, expense, profits by task or projects. 


How it works 

Timepot app let you log, & track time for projects, tasks that you create in Nozbe. As you long time daily, weekly and monthly the app will do the math for you and show detailed insights on how you have spent time on tasks projects. Using this historical data you can analyse your time and productivity levels. This feature helps you take strategic decisions and make necessary adjustments to your work style, planning or execution of tasks. In Nozbe you can estimate time for each task as to by when it needs to be done and when you track time in Timepot you can see how much time it took for you to complete that task.

Tasks & Projects

The first time when you integrate with Timepot you will see a list of projects that you would like to integrate into Timepot for time tracking. Please note that once a project is integrated it can’t be reverted. You can see all the projects in the timesheet. To track time all you have to do is select a project and as you type a list of tasks appear for you to select. Henceforth as you create tasks they will be added in Timepot. As you execute your tasks and mark it done in Nozbe you can log time for that task. So now you have all the data as to when you had created the task, when it was completed and how much time it took to complete it.


Admins & Teams

A Nozbe user can integrate Timepot. Once done all team members will receive an invite email to join the admin’s timepot. Admins will have full access to every team member or user’s data, while users can see their own timesheets along with holidays and individual report section.
As and when admins add team members in Nozbe they will receive an invite. Now admins can manage and see tasks and projects data by time or team member. You can generate custom reports and add unlimited filters. The report section also has the option to represent data in form of bar or pie graphs. The data can be exported in CSV or PDF formats.

Finances & Reports

Timepot has a very unique and intuitive feature which is the finance section. This is by default only available for admins. In this section, admins can see income, expense and profits of projects by allocating hourly, fixed or monthly prices for employees in multiple currencies. Timepot automatically calculates currency exchange rates and also keeps a history of change in employee wages or prices. Admins can see projects that are profitable and also analyse project progress. There are other benefits like estimating project cost based on historical data or using the finance data as supporting documents for raising invoice or bills.

To know more about how to integrate Timepot please see this video tutorial:



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