How You Can Use Time Tracking As A Planning Tool

Time Tracking as a Planning Tool

A time tracking solution is so much more than a way to see how you spend your time. It’s also an invaluable planning tool that can help you get off the treadmill of missed deadlines, stress, and frustration once and for all. Armed with the right time tracking solution, you may be stunned to see how much more you can accomplish.

Here’s how to break free of the cycle of stress and chaos with Timepot.

Budgeting Time Like Money

You probably already stick to a financial budget, or at least have some idea of where your money is going. When it comes to time, though, you may cobble together a to-do list, hope for the best, and wonder why you’re chronically either over- or under-scheduled.

Time is a finite quantity. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. So why wouldn’t you budget your time like you budget your money, allocating specific blocks of time to specific projects? To begin the process of budgeting your time, you must first know how you spend it. Awareness of how you spend your time can be painful, since you may realize either that you compulsively procrastinate or that you spend way more time than you wish you did on certain projects.

It’s just like money. You might wish you had more or that you used it more wisely. But knowing better is a prerequisite to doing better. Time management software helps you know how you spend every moment — even if you wish you spent those moments a bit more wisely.

Encouraging Better Time Use

Have you ever seen a picture of a smoker’s lung or a clogged artery? These visual representations aim to get people to make better health decisions by showing them the real-world consequences of their behavior. Time management software does something similar. It forces you to take a hard look at how you’re actually spending your time — not how you wish you spent it. If you see that you spend two hours a day on Facebook or an hour procrastinating with Internet games each day, that might just give you the push you need to leave procrastination in the past, where it belongs.

Realistic Projections

How do you anticipate project completion dates? Do you rely on a manager to tell you and hope for the best? Make as many promises as you can and then panic at the last minute? Or do you find you are actually taking on fewer projects than you could have?

If you don’t know how you spend your time, how long it takes you to complete specific tasks, or how many tasks you can take on at any given time, you’re headed for a time management disaster. Time management software helps you see where your time is going. That allows you to make realistic time projections. That means no more missed deadlines, angry bosses, or last-minute freakouts.

Ending Time Vortexes

Do you ever spend all day slaving away at your computer, only to get nothing done and wonder where the time actually went? These mysterious time vortexes happen to everyone. Sometimes the problem is procrastination. Other times, it’s because you’re day dreaming or taking too long on a simple project. Social media, pointless meetings, and crazy-making phone calls are also prime culprits.

To stop the cycle of mysterious lost time, you need to see where your time is going. Time tracking software does precisely this. And by providing you with objective feedback about how you spend your time, it may just encourage you to spend your time better, so you can have more free time, more relaxation, and less stress.

Assessing Effective Time Management Strategies

You might be surprised to see which time management strategies actually work. Research, for example, shows that frequent breaks — 52 minutes of work followed by 17 minutes of break, to be exact — actually support productivity.

Everyone’s perfect time management strategy is different. Perhaps you work better in the mornings, after a cup of coffee, or after a stimulating conversation with a loved one. Maybe you are less efficient on a team or when a manager is breathing down your neck. No matter what your sweet spot for effective time management is, time management software helps you find it. Timepot offers clear data that can help you observe trends in time management over time.

Breaking Down Large Tasks

A large goal that takes months or even years to accomplish can feel daunting. Time management software helps your biggest goals feel more manageable. By showing you how you spend your day, the right time management solution can help you begin breaking big goals down into smaller tasks. Small tasks are the path to achieving big goals, so by doing a bit of work each day, you take yourself closer to making your most cherished dreams a reality.

Learning to Decline New Projects

It seems counterintuitive, but saying yes to every project is a recipe for making less money, not more. When you have too many projects, you’ll miss deadlines and do substandard work. Saying no protects your reputation for timely and excellent project completion. Of course, you can’t know which projects to decline until you know exactly how you spend your time. Time management software gives you clear data on your time use, allowing you to accurately project the number of projects you can take on at a time. Let reality, not wishful thinking, govern your time management strategy.

Managing Other Project Participants

Whether you’re an employee in a large organization, a solopreneur, or a project manager, you probably work with others from time to time. Time management software can be an invaluable resource for working with others. It helps you track how your partners spend their time, and allows you to compare your own efficiency to theirs. This can encourage you to use your time more wisely. It also helps with billing, by instructing you about precisely how much time your team spends on various legs of the project.

When you work with others, estimating due dates can become even more difficult. Time management software takes the guesswork out of this endeavor, providing you with clear time use data that can be used to plan projects, strategize with your team, and detect time management issues in your organization.

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