Why is time tracking important for SEO Agencies?

Time tracking for SEO is an important task in order to meet or beat deadlines. Time tracking can bring multiple benefits to your SEO business. 

1.The Best SEO agency
Every SEO agency wants to be the best SEO agency in the world. The best when it comes to ranking, SEO tools, content sharing, link building, keyword research and SEO tricks. If you have the skills, talent and competitive edge then by using Time wisely you can become the best SEO agency that you want to be. You are probably wondering what time tracking has to do with SEO? There are multiple aspects in SEO business that are connected to time and need to be analysed be it sales & marketing, pricing, client transparency, reports, billing, employee productivity, SEO targets, operations. .

2.Time is Ticking. Tick Tock!
Tracking all these aspects in context of precious time can help you improve your performance, operations, sales and ROI. Here is a list of questions that could be addressed by time tracking.

You can write these questions and put it on board to evaluate it daily.

  1. How do I allocate time between multiple client projects?
  2. How much time is my team spending on client tasks or projects?
  3. Which employee is performing well and contributing to profits?
  4. Which type of tasks is taking more time and generate less profit?
  5. How do I estimate and offer a competitive price for new projects?
  6. Are my freelancing or remote teams productive as they should be?
  7. How can I improve my digital marketing or sales efforts?

One common solution that could help address these questions is Time. Over the years priority has been given to scheduling tasks, but time and again it’s been proved that time tracking helps improve business profits by increasing team productivity, task and time management. This is something that affects every business or professional.

3.How Time Tracking Helps SEO Business?
Now that we know that tracking is important and how it’s important for your business, it’s time to understand how & what issues Timepot can help you resolve.

– Client Billing
It’s very natural for clients to ask for supporting documents that evidently show the work or tasks you have done. For example how much time was spent for On page optimization tasks or creating backlinks or researching keywords. The more detailed your tasks and time spent, the more transparent you are with your client. This also lets your customers “see” the work and fully appreciate what you do for them.

– Employee Productivity
As every employee logs time for each task, you can compare output by tasks or projects.
You can see a task for example 3 employees who did manual submission of multiple clients and compare the time spent by each employee. Timepot will help you understand many aspects such as employee’s speed, skill, performance and find out the weak links that need training or be more efficient in performing tasks. You evaluate your team’s performance daily, weekly or monthly.

– Income & Profit
This is one of the most crucial parts where time Timepot does the math & magic. This helps you understand the economics of your projects in terms of your income, expense and profit. For example, you are working on different projects for different clients, projects such as SEO services, Social Media Marketing, Website Development. With Timepot you can see all projects, related tasks and employees in one place in real time. By analysing the historical data across all these projects you can effectively plan and optimize your work schedule to save time, money and resources.

4.Stay ahead with Time!
SEO agencies can’t sustain business in the long run by just relying on basic organizing, task management and follow ups. The only way out is to evaluate time and tasks. Your SEO operations will improve with Timepot gradually as you start tracking time, tasks, projects and employee work hours.

You can use Timepot for 30 days on trial without any limits on projects or users. Sign up here

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