Why Does My Agency Want Us To Track Time?

Agency Time Tracking Software

An increasingly competitive marketplace has saddled workers and managers alike with seemingly endless demands. Americans work more and take less vacation than anyone else. So when your agency asks you to use time tracking software, you might be reluctant. You’re already overworked, probably in dire need of a vacation, and working as efficiently as you can. Isn’t time tracking software just a way to micromanage you, while making your workday less efficient? Hardly — time tracking software offers real benefits,

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You Don’t Need to Memorize Your Employees License Plates!

Employees License Plates

Some of the richest and most successful businessmen in the world — including Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates — can recall just how strenuous life without a sophisticated time tracking software was. Gates has confessed that he used to memorize his employees’ license plates in order to take note of their arrival and departure times from the office.

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