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Timepot is now integrated with Nozbe!

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Users of Nozbe and Timepot will get the best value & unlimited benefits when it comes to managing time and productivity. Nozbe has been helping professionals and organizations to get more done for the last 10 years. Their intuitive app is easy to make you a productivity ninja. In Nozbe you can create, manage and prioritize tasks within projects and get them done quickly and effectively. Timepot has integrated with Nozbe to help users track time for tasks and projects

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Want to be a productive keynote speaker? – 10 useful tips


Being keynote speaker requires multiple skills. Events are great platforms to showcase your idea, thoughts, product or service. The number of audience at events, seminars, conferences, trade shows is growing. Be it corporates, startups and entrepreneurs everyone looks for an opportunity to speak at such events.  Every country is trying to attract people with events that cater a wide range of audience.  The number of events in technology sector have shot up. This blog showcases videos, tips, tools on how

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Why time management is important for your employees?

Time management is important because it impacts everyone and everything in the world of business. Time is ticking and if you don’t track it you miss out on these: Time can help you create an idea or innovation Time can make or break business. Time can change your income or expense. Time can create new business opportunities Time can help you estimate your operations Time can recreate your procedures or processes Time can find operational inefficiency Time can engage or

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Video : How Timepot Report helps you save time and money


Timepot’s report section helps you generate and export complex reports on your employees, tasks and projects. Here is a video explaining how it works and what are its benefits. Generating reports manually is a time consuming and difficult task. Imagine you run a company that provides many services to global clients. How do you collate all the project data from different sources like accounts, project management and operations? Putting together all this data in a unified format takes a lot

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Want to be a published author? – Four helpful tips

So you wake up one day, sip your favorite drink and then it hits you. I want to write a book. This thought gets you curious, excited and enthusiastic. You are all set to make a positive start, then a series of questions pop in your mind looking for answers. Questions such as Will people read or buy my book? Will my book be a bestseller? Will I be rich and famous like J K Rowling? 1. So you want

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How is your business doing? – Find your time and money

Financial Management is a very important aspect of running any business. There goes a lot of efforts in raising, investing money in your company, but more efforts are needed in understanding and managing how the money is being used or spent and which ways you can optimize it. Business operations and resources may have loopholes and leaks where money and time are being wasted. Evaluating every expense, cost and benefit can improve business sustainably. If you have just started a

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Research? – How can you manage time to be productive?

Research and analysis is done by every person across all professions, industries whether you are creating a new product/service, writing a thesis, understanding customer personas, analysing diseases, measuring economy and more. This blog that you are reading is also based on some level of research. The focus here is about how to manage time during research and it does not cover lab or clinical research as it’s a completely different ball game. Every research has its scope of work and

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How to Stop Being Late To Everything

“Sorry, I’m late” How many times do we say this? Let’s face it we all get late for various situations – To do tasks, attend meetings, make calls, send emails, dinner with friends, pay your bills or the best one late for your marriage or a date. So how do you stop being late to everything? According to this article being late at work ‘costs the economy £9 billion every year. More than half (56%) of all employees admit failing to attend meetings and

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Why is time tracking important for SEO Agencies?

Time tracking for SEO is an important task in order to meet or beat deadlines. Time tracking can bring multiple benefits to your SEO business.  1.The Best SEO agency Every SEO agency wants to be the best SEO agency in the world. The best when it comes to ranking, SEO tools, content sharing, link building, keyword research and SEO tricks. If you have the skills, talent and competitive edge then by using Time wisely you can become the best SEO

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