New Feature Update : Track/Analyse your Teams by tasks, projects and finances.

The teams feature was one of the popular feedbacks that users asked us to implement in Timepot. We take user feedback very seriously and we are happy to present you the Teams feature.

In this blog we have shared real use cases of how companies are currently using this feature to get more in-depth insights. The best part is that you can choose the desired “Team” as a filter in Finance, Reporting and User sections to see real-time data.

Use Case 1 – Large BPO/SSC Enterprise

This is one of our enterprise user who has more than 1000 employees across multiple offices globally. Their primary work is to offer customer service support for their client by call, email and social media. The employees work in shifts as they cater to global customers across different time-zones and each employee is registered as an individual user of Timepot. The company created teams to track, measure data in different ways not just to see how time is spent but to improve their work process. The admin created teams by the name “Team 1”  and “Team 2” and assigned a manager to each team.
Each employee tracked time on each and every call, email or social media activity.
In just few weeks admins could see and compare data between two teams from the reports section and discuss the performance trends across projects (call, email, social media). These data insights were used as reference to brainstorm performance improvement, response time and training requirement for specific employees.
See the example GIF image on how easy it’s to create teams.

Use Case 2 – Digital Marketing Agency

This digital marketing agency has about 20 employees and 10 employees work remotely on project basis. The in house employees work on a monthly salary model and the remote employees on hourly price. The agency has different teams such as marketing, creative, design working on multiple projects. To understand each project’s expense and company financials the admins created these teams with employees and assigned projects to these teams. Using the team filter in financial section the admins could get an overview of all projects and expenses by teams and take strategic resource allocation decisions based on project needs. The leadership team regularly uses the financial section to take stock of overall projects and take smarter decisions based on real time financial data. The GIF image below shows the option of choosing between individual employee or teams.

Use Case 2 – A Tech startup

This is a large tech startup that uses Timepot primarily for project and financials management. They have a total of 150 employees that develop web and mobile apps for various platforms. The teams are divided by tech platforms such as android, ios and other web development platforms and obviously the teams work on many client projects and track their tasks in Trello. The startup does not use any specific leave policy but need to keep a track of off days for internal purpose and better teamwork and collaboration. The employees mark holidays or sick days in Timepot, the project managers have a clear view by teams and can assign employees to any teams based on planned work schedule. The holiday notification setting helps project managers to communicate with teams or be updated whenever an employee takes day off. This helps them keep tasks, projects on track. The GIF below shows how admins can set the notifications on off days to teams, managers.

These are just few examples on the benefits of Team’s feature. Try the new feature and let us know how it helped your company. We look forward to hearing your experience.

We have prepared a video tutorial below on teams feature to help you get started.

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