Need Help Keeping Your Employees Occupied with Work vs YouTube? You Need Time Tracking

Keep Your Employees Occupied With Work

Having a remote workforce team has grown incredibly popular this day and age. Before cell phones and computers all employees had to be located in the same office in order to communicate conveniently at any time. Now, with the technology we have acquired, employees can accomplish most of their business functions from any place they can find a connection to the internet.

Not only has this radically changed the way a team carries out their work day, it provides a different kind of obstacle for the person who has to manage the team and ensure they are staying on task during the long hours they are working on their own. That being said, how can you be sure they are doing their work and not surfing the internet and watching YouTube videos when they grow tired of the task they are supposed to be accomplishing?

You can keep your remote employees accountable by using time tracking software. Time tracking is useful for any type of business, whether it is a small startup or a large enterprise. Your business could be in accounting and bookkeeping, construction, hotels, cleaning services, plumbing and heating, retail, or any other industry and it will organize your team’s activity as well as handle your expenses.

This is possible because you will be able to see everyone’s productivity from wherever you are located through the time tracking system. Using this tool will not only monitor their progress, it will ensure they have enough tasks to check off daily so they don’t have time for the taunting distractions that the internet offers.

How Time Tracking Software Can Help

By using an application specifically geared toward tracking your business’ productivity you will be able to:

  • have your employees share their progress with you by screen capturing their work
  • keep track of which of your team members are currently connected to the internet
  • know how long your team members spent online the last time they were connected
  • stay updated with what projects are currently being worked on by which employee
  • know when your team members are going idle on their computers and when they have been active
  • know exactly how many hours your employees spent working so you are able to pay them accordingly
  • monitor how much each project is costing you based on the pay rates you have set for your team members and the time it takes to accomplish them
  • keep projects on budget by monitoring each employee’s work time and arranging which expenses are necessary
  • integrate all of your employees progress so you can plan the schedule and budget correctly for the weeks to come
  • receive notifications when an employee hasn’t stopped the timer that correlates with a particular project that should have been finished already
  • if you need to take over a project that hasn’t been accomplished in the time allotted for an employee you will be aware of its progress and be able access it immediately
  • easy-to-use timesheets are available so employees can check in when they are working and check out when they are done for the day
  • you have the option of allowing your team to create their own schedule based on their workload while being able to monitor if their time is being allocated correctly
  • to-do lists can be made so all that the employee has to do is check off an item when it is accomplished

Keep a Healthy Attitude

While all of these features are extremely helpful for keeping your team on task, it is also important that the right attitude is maintained with your remote employees. Your staff wants to be treated like adults and know that you trust them to manage their time correctly.

It is up to you to find a healthy balance between requiring them to communicate their progress and showing them you trust them by giving them the control of organizing the way they go about the tasks they have to accomplish each day. Of course, these schedules need to be approved by you and rearranged when necessary, but giving them that little bit of control lets them know that you consider them dependable and helps to boost morale.

Choosing The Right Software

There are a lot of different types of time tracking software available out there. In order to  choose the correct one, you will want to be sure that it includes all of the tools and features you require to keep your team functioning at it’s best.

Make sure the one you are choosing gives you the ability to set expectations, construct a workable schedule, maintain productivity, arrange face to face meetings when necessary, and give you the assurance you need to trust your team. Experience the benefit of knowing how each and every person’s time is being used and see how much happier and productive your team will be.

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