Dog in the office? What a great idea!

Wondering how you can increase productivity of your employees and improve their wellbeing? What we can advise from our experience – take your dog to the office!

Everyone who has experienced working in dog friendly environment will tell you that having a pet in a workplace is one of the best ways to make atmosphere in the office warmer and more sociable. Find out why having a furry pet can boost your income and employee’s productivity!


For startups and new companies, allowing dogs in the office, is a cheap, easy and full of fun way of attracting and retaining millennials! Remember – in few years this generation will play a crucial role in job market so it’s extremely important to have them by Your side!


Thanks to furry friends the atmosphere in the office is warmer and more sociable. If someone’s feeling a bit down or stressed out, they can always come and play with the dog. Just five minutes pampering with pet seems to perk everyone up.

Having an office dog also helps staff bond and definitely reinforces positive work behaviours – people seem to be more friendly and approachable.

These findings are proved by 2016 survey conducted by Banfield pet hospital. You may be shocked but as high as 82% of employees feel a greater sense of loyalty to pet-friendly companies, 88% think pets at work improve morale and 86% say they reduce stress.* One dog can give you so many benefits !


It is impossible to not feel at ease when looking into the cheerful eyes of a dog. It’s an instant mood booster and miraculously all the stress of work seems to dissipate as soon as a pet is around. Dogs are just too cute not to smile.


An office furry friend can also be a powerful bonding tool. In a lot of offices, people have so much work that they forget to speak with theirs colleagues. Would this change if suddenly a pet was introduced to the workplace? My bet is that suddenly everyone would want to be where the dog is and well … everyone will have to spend time with each other in the process! It will also become a shared interest among employees, creating a new point of conversation.


What connects Timepot and having a dog in the office? They both are productivity booster!

Taking short breaks away from your desk to spend time with the dog, or take it for a walk, could work wonders for your employees’ productivity. Research has found that giving yourself a bit of a breather allows you to give your mind a bit of a break and return to your work feeling refreshed and engaged.

Introducing a furry friend to your office, not only add a bit of cuteness to your everyday office life, but believe it or not, it could also boost the productivity of your workforce.

So don’t wait and take your dog tomorrow to the office – and do not forget to put task WALKING THE DOG to your Timepot timetable!

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