6 Reasons Why Every Business Owner Should Have Time Tracking App

From large companies to small businesses, every enterprise in the industry should know that time is essential. As a business owner, one of your priorities should be excellent time management. If you want to use your hours wisely, you should think of investing in work time app. Here are six reasons why you should get one: Enhance Balance between Work and Personal Life When you do not know how to manage your time correctly, you may end up wasting too

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Infographic: 6 Advantages Of Time Tracking For Employers!

For many businesses, large and small, one of the most tough things to do is to keep track of employee time. This is the most crucial element of your business. Without the proper time tracking, it is impossible to know how employees are spending their time and what task they are working on any given point of time. Does your business currently use time tracking in some way? Through this infographic, you will get to know about the advantages of

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10 best productivity gifts for Christmas

Time management and productivity are on a lot of people’s minds around this time of year. Gifts that help us be more productive get our new year off on the right foot and prepare us for new challenges. Time management has several different dimensions and it’s important to cover them all – both at home and at work. That’s why we prepared for you set of 10 best productivity gifts for Christmas. Check it out and remember – during shopping

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New Feature Update : Track/Analyse your Teams by tasks, projects and finances.

The teams feature was one of the popular feedbacks that users asked us to implement in Timepot. We take user feedback very seriously and we are happy to present you the Teams feature. In this blog we have shared real use cases of how companies are currently using this feature to get more in-depth insights. The best part is that you can choose the desired “Team” as a filter in Finance, Reporting and User sections to see real-time data. Use

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The best 2017 Black Friday deals to help you manage your time

black friday

Are you looking for best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? Knowing that there’s nothing more precious than time, we browsed through the Internet to find best deals that will help you improve your time management and stay more productive. Take a look at these sweet deals for most popular productivity books, accessories and apps!   Accessories Productivity Time Cube: 5-10-20-25 Great gadget for Pomodoro fans! “Just flip the cube to 25 minutes and focus on the task at hand,

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3 Reasons Why You Should Track Time to Become Productive

Nowadays, you can buy a software that can help you in tracking your time. It will assist you in achieving your targets and goals much faster. If you are setting up a business, you might be thinking of buying time tracking app like Toggl. It is imperative for you to assess the productivity of your team. It is one great way to increase the efficiency of your staff. Today you can find so many Toggl alternatives that are cheaper as

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Want to be a productive keynote speaker? – 10 useful tips


Being keynote speaker requires multiple skills. Events are great platforms to showcase your idea, thoughts, product or service. The number of audience at events, seminars, conferences, trade shows is growing. Be it corporates, startups and entrepreneurs everyone looks for an opportunity to speak at such events.  Every country is trying to attract people with events that cater a wide range of audience.  The number of events in technology sector have shot up. This blog showcases videos, tips, tools on how

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Why time management is important for your employees?

Time management is important because it impacts everyone and everything in the world of business. Time is ticking and if you don’t track it you miss out on these: Time can help you create an idea or innovation Time can make or break business. Time can change your income or expense. Time can create new business opportunities Time can help you estimate your operations Time can recreate your procedures or processes Time can find operational inefficiency Time can engage or

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Video : How Timepot Report helps you save time and money


Timepot’s report section helps you generate and export complex reports on your employees, tasks and projects. Here is a video explaining how it works and what are its benefits. Generating reports manually is a time consuming and difficult task. Imagine you run a company that provides many services to global clients. How do you collate all the project data from different sources like accounts, project management and operations? Putting together all this data in a unified format takes a lot

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Want to be a published author? – Four helpful tips

So you wake up one day, sip your favorite drink and then it hits you. I want to write a book. This thought gets you curious, excited and enthusiastic. You are all set to make a positive start, then a series of questions pop in your mind looking for answers. Questions such as Will people read or buy my book? Will my book be a bestseller? Will I be rich and famous like J K Rowling? 1. So you want

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