Research? – How can you manage time to be productive?

Research and analysis is done by every person across all professions, industries whether you are creating a new product/service, writing a thesis, understanding customer personas, analysing diseases, measuring economy and more. This blog that you are reading is also based on some level of research. The focus here is about how to manage time during research and it does not cover lab or clinical research as it’s a completely different ball game. Every research has its scope of work and

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How to Stop Being Late To Everything

“Sorry, I’m late” How many times do we say this? Let’s face it we all get late for various situations – To do tasks, attend meetings, make calls, send emails, dinner with friends, pay your bills or the best one late for your marriage or a date. So how do you stop being late to everything? According to this article being late at work ‘costs the economy £9 billion every year. More than half (56%) of all employees admit failing to attend meetings and

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Why is time tracking important for SEO Agencies?

Time tracking for SEO is an important task in order to meet or beat deadlines. Time tracking can bring multiple benefits to your SEO business.  1.The Best SEO agency Every SEO agency wants to be the best SEO agency in the world. The best when it comes to ranking, SEO tools, content sharing, link building, keyword research and SEO tricks. If you have the skills, talent and competitive edge then by using Time wisely you can become the best SEO

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Everything you need to know about Eisenhower Matrix

Managing tasks at work is challenging and organizing tasks is even more crucial. This impacts execution, implementation and timing of tasks. In comes Eisenhower Matrix.  Why use Eisenhower Matrix? Dwight D. Eisenhower was the 34th President of the United States. As a president, he obviously had a wide range of tasks to prioritize which finally led him to invent the world-famous Eisenhower principle, which today helps you with task management. Eisenhower matrix is available on mobile and browser apps for free.

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How Time Tracking Can Drive Business Growth

Out of 1440 minutes a day, how much time do you or your team spend on various tasks? If your answer is “I don’t know” then you should read on further. Time tracking can drive business growth if you track and analyse time wisely. 1. Time is Money. Track it. You might be an Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Small Medium Enterprise, Corporate or a Startup. The common focus areas for all has been to identify key growth areas, optimize cost and

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Top 15 Tools to save Time, Money and Organize Your Work

Enhancing productivity means using a set of tools and processes to make a full blown productivity system and feeling comfortable to rely on these tools to get important things done. Buckle down and get productive with these excellent tools for managing your work, organizing your life, collaborating with teams and much more. Keep in mind that there‘s no magic tool that will fully eliminate the hard work, but, fortunately, there are some really excellent tools that will help you work

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8 Ways to Use Time Tracking to Advance Your Career

Advance Your Career With Time Tracking

Time is the most valuable asset you have. Unlike money, time is a finite resource. There’s no way to create more of it. You can only use the small quantity of time you have more wisely. Time tracking is to time management what budgeting is to your personal finances. By tracking your time, you’re better equipped to understand how you’re spending that most precious of all commodities. This vital information helps you use your time more wisely. And since time

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7 Things to Look For When Choosing a Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking Software

Your employees’ time is the most valuable asset they bring to your organization. It’s a finite resource, and it’s easy to waste. Moreover, the things you think waste time — Facebook, smoke breaks, water cooler chatter — might not actually be the biggest time sucks in your company. Endless phone calls, meetings during which employees continually try to one-up each other, and procrastinating on unfulfilling tasks are probably much more significant time wasters. Timepot helps you figure out exactly where

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