Why time management is important for your employees?

Time management is important because it impacts everyone and everything in the world of business. Time is ticking and if you don’t track it you miss out on these: Time can help you create an idea or innovation Time can make or break business. Time can change your income or expense. Time can create new business opportunities Time can help you estimate your operations Time can recreate your procedures or processes Time can find operational inefficiency Time can engage or

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How is your business doing? – Find your time and money

Financial Management is a very important aspect of running any business. There goes a lot of efforts in raising, investing money in your company, but more efforts are needed in understanding and managing how the money is being used or spent and which ways you can optimize it. Business operations and resources may have loopholes and leaks where money and time are being wasted. Evaluating every expense, cost and benefit can improve business sustainably. If you have just started a

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Integrate Timepot with these great tools

Timepot can now be integrated with a wide range of productivity, project management and communication tools such as Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Jira, Trello, Youtrack. We have also plans to add integrations for a popular task management tool as well. In this blog, we will try to understand how you can use Timepot with these tools. There is one common benefit across all tools that all your existing tasks, tickets, emails, documents that you plan to time track will

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Which Time Tracking Tool Is Best For You?

Which Time Tracking Tool Is Best

If you want to make the most of your time, then you need to treat it the same way you treat your money — as a finite resource that must be carefully guarded and expertly budgeted. With so many time tracking tools on the market, it’s easy to get bogged down endlessly reading reviews and details. And of course, every time tracking tool wants you to believe it’s the best. What matters isn’t slick marketing copy or a cult following.

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8 Ways to Use Time Tracking to Advance Your Career

Advance Your Career With Time Tracking

Time is the most valuable asset you have. Unlike money, time is a finite resource. There’s no way to create more of it. You can only use the small quantity of time you have more wisely. Time tracking is to time management what budgeting is to your personal finances. By tracking your time, you’re better equipped to understand how you’re spending that most precious of all commodities. This vital information helps you use your time more wisely. And since time

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Why Does My Agency Want Us To Track Time?

Agency Time Tracking Software

An increasingly competitive marketplace has saddled workers and managers alike with seemingly endless demands. Americans work more and take less vacation than anyone else. So when your agency asks you to use time tracking software, you might be reluctant. You’re already overworked, probably in dire need of a vacation, and working as efficiently as you can. Isn’t time tracking software just a way to micromanage you, while making your workday less efficient? Hardly — time tracking software offers real benefits,

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7 Things to Look For When Choosing a Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking Software

Your employees’ time is the most valuable asset they bring to your organization. It’s a finite resource, and it’s easy to waste. Moreover, the things you think waste time — Facebook, smoke breaks, water cooler chatter — might not actually be the biggest time sucks in your company. Endless phone calls, meetings during which employees continually try to one-up each other, and procrastinating on unfulfilling tasks are probably much more significant time wasters. Timepot helps you figure out exactly where

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8 Benefits of a Great Time Tracking Software

Great time tracking software

Regardless of how large your business is, we’ll bet you’re constantly in search of ways to better manage the myriad of tasks involved in your day-to-day operations. One of the most time-consuming elements of business operation is inevitably employee management, but thankfully, the modern business world has a wide range of tools at its disposal to alleviate the everyday struggle of finding enough time in each day to keep customers happy and to remain competitive within your industry.

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7 Things To Consider Before Buying A Timesheet Software

timesheet software

A long time ago, businesses had to track time with handwritten timesheet, which was a concept that did not last for decades because of its inefficiency. Thanks to the fast pace of technology, a lot of new systems emerged on the marketplace. Timesheet software products represent the disruption in this industry. In other words, they are the new technology that makes the process of time tracking more effective and precise and at the same time, less time consuming. If you

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