The Importance of Time Management at Work

Time is a special commodity that needs to be spent economically. Successful people are those who base their output on timekeeping ensuring that every minute counts. This makes it very crucial for you to keep track of your time, especially at your workplace with the aid of work time app. The only way you will get your projects accomplished as stipulated or avoid giving lame excuses for being late at work is when you start keeping track of how you

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Three Different Ways of Time Tracking For Business Purposes

Time is an expensive currency that you cannot afford to squander. That being said, employers and employees alike have the responsibility to track work hours to make billing and salary payments an easy task. Time tracking is indeed different from micro-management. With time tracking, you are basically making sure that you can account for every minute that you bill your client for work done. There are now different methods to track time for business purposes. It can, therefore, be confusing

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Top 10 TED Talks on Time Management

time management

Most of us don’t feel that 168 hours a week is enough to do everything we have planned. This is why we’d like to share with you our choice of 10 top TED Talks on task and time management. These talks are filled with brilliant thoughts and tips you can use both at home and at work. And none of them will take more than twenty minutes of your precious time!     1. Laura Vanderkam: How to gain control of

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Infographic: 6 Advantages Of Time Tracking For Employers!

For many businesses, large and small, one of the most tough things to do is to keep track of employee time. This is the most crucial element of your business. Without the proper time tracking, it is impossible to know how employees are spending their time and what task they are working on any given point of time. Does your business currently use time tracking in some way? Through this infographic, you will get to know about the advantages of

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The best 2017 Black Friday deals to help you manage your time

black friday

Are you looking for best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? Knowing that there’s nothing more precious than time, we browsed through the Internet to find best deals that will help you improve your time management and stay more productive. Take a look at these sweet deals for most popular productivity books, accessories and apps!   Accessories Productivity Time Cube: 5-10-20-25 Great gadget for Pomodoro fans! “Just flip the cube to 25 minutes and focus on the task at hand,

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3 Reasons Why You Should Track Time to Become Productive

Nowadays, you can buy a software that can help you in tracking your time. It will assist you in achieving your targets and goals much faster. If you are setting up a business, you might be thinking of buying time tracking app like Toggl. It is imperative for you to assess the productivity of your team. It is one great way to increase the efficiency of your staff. Today you can find so many Toggl alternatives that are cheaper as

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Video : How Timepot Report helps you save time and money


Timepot’s report section helps you generate and export complex reports on your employees, tasks and projects. Here is a video explaining how it works and what are its benefits. Generating reports manually is a time consuming and difficult task. Imagine you run a company that provides many services to global clients. How do you collate all the project data from different sources like accounts, project management and operations? Putting together all this data in a unified format takes a lot

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Research? – How can you manage time to be productive?

Research and analysis is done by every person across all professions, industries whether you are creating a new product/service, writing a thesis, understanding customer personas, analysing diseases, measuring economy and more. This blog that you are reading is also based on some level of research. The focus here is about how to manage time during research and it does not cover lab or clinical research as it’s a completely different ball game. Every research has its scope of work and

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Forget the days when you had to race to the time clock to punch in so that you don’t be marked late for work. It was a sure way that an employer could easily see what time you arrived to work without having to indiscreetly stand by the door or the elevator to know if you were running five to ten minutes late for work. Hourly workers could always be somewhat envious of the salaried employees because they were not

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Everything you need to know about Eisenhower Matrix

Managing tasks at work is challenging and organizing tasks is even more crucial. This impacts execution, implementation and timing of tasks. In comes Eisenhower Matrix.  Why use Eisenhower Matrix? Dwight D. Eisenhower was the 34th President of the United States. As a president, he obviously had a wide range of tasks to prioritize which finally led him to invent the world-famous Eisenhower principle, which today helps you with task management. Eisenhower matrix is available on mobile and browser apps for free.

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