Easy and friendly
employee time tracking.

Time Tracking,

The fastest growing companies use time tracking system to make better business decisions.

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Take control over time and team.
It’s a snap!

Take control over time and team.
Be it a big project or single tasks – sometimes it’s really hard to say how much they’ll take to complete. Check our solution

Precisely estimate the time
and cost of projects.

Collect the data and estimate the right time.
Estimations based on intuition can be deceptive and lead to a loss. It’s vital to make sure your clients are billed accordingly. Check our solution

Powerful reporting for smart business growth.

Read the reports and see your business grow.
It’s good to keep your fingers on the pulse. Watch your business change and develop over time. Check our solution

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Reclaim your time.
Reclaim your time.
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Key Features / All Features

Clean and ergonomic dashboard

Log your time in no time!

Timepot timesheet
Timepot timesheet - details
Timepot timesheet - details
Timepot timesheet - details
  • Manual and automatic time tracking online.
  • At a glance, see how much time a person spends on a given task
  • Browse smoothly through the tasks history

Team insight and reporting

Improve on the productivity and increase your profits!

Timepot reports
Timepot reports - details
Timepot reports - details
Timepot reports - details
  • Learn from historical data
    to optimize your upcoming projects
  • Search, browse and filter your worksheet data
  • Reliable source of data for all your projects

Financial insights

Watch your business thrive.
We do the math for you!

Timepot reports
Timepot reports - details
Timepot reports - details
Timepot reports - details
  • Improve on the accuracy
    of the cost estimation
  • Use the power of versatile reports to trace your business development
  • Fixed price and time and materials project - we cover them both

Plan your vacation

Take a break!

Timepot holidays
Timepot holidays - details
Timepot holidays - details
Timepot holidays - details
  • Mark trips and days off in a yearly calendar
  • Automatically count all your days off
  • Let others know when you’re out of the office
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Integrate Timepot with great tools using our Chrome extension

Timepot integration
Timepot integration - details
  • Track time in Jira, Trello, Youtrack, Gmail, Google docs, slides and sheets.
  • Analyse time for existing tasks, projects, email and documents instantly.
  • Click on Timepot timer that's it.
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You are going to love Timepot!

Features recap

Precise time tracking

Clear reporting

Effective planning

Accurate billing

Intuitive and easy use

Our users say about us:

“Timepot has managed to create a time tracking tool that is so simple your team will actually use it! There is a tremendous team behind Timepot that is continually innovating and driving the product forward, while still standing on their original principle of simplicity. I look forward to seeing what's next.”

Trevor Hatfield,
Founder at Inturact.

“Timepot helps us to precisely measure the time spent on creative tasks.

I finally found a time management tool that our team like using (and I have tried out loads of them).”

Bartek Witek,
Project Manager at balsamstudio.

“Finally, I don't need to guess how much time my team spends working on different projects. With hard data, I'm always aware of my team's time”

Michał Kręglewski,
CEO at Sparkbit.

“The time tracker with the best, most thought out user interface”

Joel Kennedy,
Freelance Software Developer.

“Love seeing where I spent my time at a glance”

Michele Wiedemer,
Owner at Virtual Customer Learning.

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